The Bone Generator® offers the technology to modify the Morphogenic Field. It can also act as a Psychotronic Generator® of Time electromagnetic and longitudinal electromagnetic waves. Time and Longitudinal electromagnetic waves this time, longitudinal waves (at right angles to each other) to specific parts of the brain to cause them to fire. In this Bone Generator® the time, longitudinal components of the bodies electromagnetic field are lazed, focussed on the Amygdale, the pleasure pain area of the limbic system.

As a soldier, executive, sportsman, fighter, huntsman, you have to go through a lot of pain to achieve your goal, mission… if you could switch off the: pain, irritation, depression, loss of motivation, ennui, desire to stop… as well as switch on pleasure at doing the hard work, fighting, spending hours on the task, going through hell from enemies, taking damage… Tim Rifat has been a dead man since 1996 when MI5 tried to execute him using microwave weapons, poison, biological weapons, car crashes, physical assault, jailing, armed police storming his flat… In all cases he got great pleasure from destroying the British by detonating the thought weapons of Psychotronic warfare (the nuclear weapons of the 21st century), these being: Amalek (explained on my US radio show: on All the pain, damage, respect… has been totally ignored; to enable Tim Rifat to use thought weapons to destroy Gordon Brown and the Labour Party in the 2010 general election which annihilated Labour forever as a political party.

How was this done? The Pleasure in Doing What Must Be Done Bone Generator® switches off the pain ignition in your Amygdale to all attacks, so even though harmed you don’t feel the effects so they don’t stop you doing what must be done. Switching off pain ignition in the limbic system means you feel the pain but the Amygdale makes you ignore pain. So the negative feedback that stops you doing what you went to do (primarily fear in normal people, or life threatening attacks in Tim Rifat’s and combat soldier’s case) but wear you won till you give up no longer applies to you. This is vital to the hardworking A-type executive who has to work longer hours, take verbal abuse, put up with nightmare staff, incompetence, assault at any moment and Amygdale fear constantly firing wears the person down, causes rapid ageing, immune response degradation (illness) mental illness, lack of efficiency, trigger happy lack of coordination, shell shock, aggression towards family and friends, terminal depression, suicide. To erase this at source is vital to all extreme situations personnel, to live with stress and damage is part of the problem, it degrades efficiency. To erase all pain, stress and therefore superboosts all extreme situations personnel by immunising them against all pain so they can perform 100% of the time with 100% of efficiency.

To better this the Bone Generator® also switches off the neural network of fear in your brain, and by neural remapping you eventually get the Tim Rifat total lack of fear that enabled me to destroy Gordon Brown and the Labour Government while MI5 tried to kill him. Fearlessness is vital to all Extreme Situations as it turns men into supermen. Someone who has no fear of death makes the perfect fighter, super-soldier… winner. As fear of defeat is the worst disabler of maximum performance. By boosting the pleasure aspect of the Amygdale it addicts you to doing what must be done so hard gutsy work, long hours, constants attacks on your person and personality, jailing, torture, all make you feel good.

So you aren’t broken down but become a super achiever. It enabled Tim Rifat to become an Internet Entrepreneur, author, US Radio Journalist, and personally write all the material on his mega-website, since 1996 when he was under constant attack by MI5 trying to kill him, writing RV, RS Courses, unleashing Psychotronic Superweapons on the British, travelling in time, other dimensions, precognitive Remote Viewing, using Remote influencing to change past present and future running his business all powered by the pleasure he gets from handwork, ignores constant attacks by MI5 to reach Total Success. All automatic with this Bone Generator®.

Pleasure in Doing What Must be Done Bone Generator®: $600 with certificate

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