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If you have been a member of the Occult fraternity all the rituals you have been carrying out have been booby trapped to damnn you. So all of the Freemasons, Illuminati, Rosicrucians, OTO and Wiccans ( Crowley booby trapped all of the Wiccan rituals in your manual). Need this service. By doing the rituals by which you dont understand you have agreed to eternal torture to feed the Rabbi Rothschild parasite that feeds humanity. As all of the deep state of the west have been sold this crock of shit the west is doomed to apocalypse as all of it´s military industrial complex leaders have been tricked into damning themselves for the alien parasites. The alien parasites will have to try and destroy humanity as the Psi-Lord is evolving humans to feed off them. The 32 videos on real magic were the end of the road for the Rabbi Rothschild parasite and they will try to burn down the world to cover their escape all the western occultists are now programmed to self destruct and destroy the west and declare war on Russia and China to burn the world to try and prevent the Psi-Lord extermination of the Rabbi Rothschild parasite. If you are one of the Illuminati you will be feeling depressed and suicidal as your parasite has programmed you to self destruct and burn the west in the process there is nothing you can do to stop yourself being destroyed by the parasite you let into yourself by doing parasite controlled rituals and you are so controlled you cant even believe that you are controlled. So the head of MI5, MI6, GCHQ the Mandarins in white hall and the British Establishment are doomed to the fate of Serena Rothschilds and Iris Goldsmith with the other western leaders following suit. All the A-listers in Hollywood who practised occultism are programmed to self-suicide like Epstein and R-Kelley so all of you have become the hanged men.

Since the Psi-Lord is the personification of sweetness and light this final service for $10000 to free you from your final destination death, then Omega hell needs to be added to the Kabbalah rescue service, Chakra rescue service and Enochian rescue service. As the Psi-Lord is a sadistic bastard he assure that the Illuminati would rather burn in Omega hell for all eternity than pay him $40000, but being the Source he has to make the offer because he is impeccable. All occultists enjoy your eternal perdition done to you by your own secret occult society and end up retroactively being the babies you tortured and consumed in your dark rituals as the Psi-Lord put your awareness into the children you ritually abused, tortured and murdered. To escape your fate this service cost you $10000 which I am sure you will never pay me but to reiterate I have to make the offer as I am impeccable and if I didnt make the offer I would never have gotten rid of my self importance. Enjoy!

PRICE: $10000

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